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        • Product Introduction
        • Project Introduction

        Lighting Africa

        ‘Lighting Africa’ is a long-term, independent project spearheaded by Hanergy and open to the world, dedicated to the development of African energy sector and drive education Furthermore, the exclusive project is Hanergy's humble beginning to build a sustainable public welfare platform through mobile energy technology. Hanergy aims to work with more participants who could contribute to 'Lighting Africa'. A Promise Beyond Sale As a foundation of Hanergy’s effort to build a long run bona fide platform, ‘Lighting Africa’ is also a promise beyond sale – Hanergy will donate one dollar to NGOs to foster public welfare activities in Africa. Let’s together light up Africa and African children’s future!

        More info:LightingAfrica@hanergy.com

        Clean Energy Display Center

        • Thin-film Solar
        • Hydropower
        • Energy-saving and Emission-reduction

        Thin-film Solar

        Hanergy Mobile Energy believes that thin-film and flexibility will define the future of PV industry.Based on this strategic thinking, Hanergy's specializes in the development of thin-film solar technical roadmaps and it has become the largest PV company in terms of its scale and the world's leading expertise in this field.
        As the new generation solar cells, thin-film photovoltaic cells feature the exclusive advantages of environment-friendly, pollution free, cost-effectiveness, high power output on average and good low-light performance.
        Through its rational investment and industrial , Hanergy has formulated an entire industry chain including R&D of core technology and manufacturing of advanced equipment for the upstream sector, production of PV cells and modules for the mid-stream and PV system integrated solutions for the downstream sector.


        Hydropower, the traditional clean energy source, is the foundation of Hanergy Mobile Energy 's development.
        Hanergy Mobile Energy invested in the construction of hydropower projects in Yunnan, Guangdong and other provinces. Hanergy Mobile Energy has a total installed capacity of 6 GW from its completed and on-going hydropower projects.

        Energy-saving and Emission-reduction

        Hanergy Mobile Energy has entered the field of emission reduction management services as early as in 2005, and it organized Hanergy Mobile Energy Emission Reduction and Service Group in February, 2012, committing itself to the services of greenhouse-gas emission reduction.
        The business of the group, with Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) technology consulting service as its core and supported by Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM), certufication of energy conservation and emission reduction and investment in potential emission-reduction projects, has enjoyed a relatively high popularity in the industry.
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